Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring? Is that you?

We keep getting tricked into thinking it is spring, only to have to break out the winter coats yet again. This week, we had so many rain storms that there was very limited opportunity to enjoy warmer temperatures. I scampered around the yard cutting as many daffodils as I could before they were gone. I love daffodils and am thrilled that we have so many at Green Acres. Seriously. So many. I think I have cut close to 100 now with all the different vases I have filled and you really can't tell that I even made a dent in the gardens. Here are some encouraging sights we found in our yard:
These daffodils grow right outside the kitchen window. It has been fun to see them beginning to shoot up through the snow!

Apple tree starting to bud!!

We don't know what this tree is called, but it has these beautiful white flowers!

Of course, now that spring is here we have to get ourselves in gear and prepare for planting! We have apple trees, raspberry bushes and grape vines that Mister has already pruned and prepared for harvest. I hope that we plant a few tomatoes, some sweet potatoes, zucchini, and yellow squash. I have a creamy pasta recipe with zucchini and yellow squash that I can't wait to try!

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