Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Said Goodbye to the Book

It was getting really out of hand. Mister would open my car door, walk around to his side of the car and get in, and in that small amount of time I had already scrolled through the entirety of my newsfeed and commented on a posting. Mister would put gas in the car and I would update my status. Mister would get up from the breakfast table to pour more apple juice and I would quickly see if I had any notifications.

So that is why Mister, who is not a give-it-up-for-lent type of person, suggested we give up the Book for about forty days and nights.

I wrote a goodbye book status and deleted the app from my phone's home screen. I felt like the goodbye was rushed, as we made the decision pretty late in the day on "Fat Tuesday" but I had to let my peeps know I would be gone. I didn't want anyone to get offended if I didn't respond in two seconds.

It was difficult when co-workers would converse about a picture posted (in this case, an adorable new puppy that I desperately wanted to see too!!!) or a relationship status change (I hate being the last to know!) but after the forty days were over, was it really that bad?

We decided that it wasn't that bad after all, and resolved to spend less time on the Book. Without the Book, we read actual news, talked to each other more, and had to use our own brains to remember birthdays, due dates, and other items. It was very strange, and yet, peacefully quiet. There is a lot of information in my newsfeed that just feels like "noise" to me. And not a noise that I find uplifting. In fact, two days out, I resent my Facebook profile, as it has now become an item on my to-do list that I feel like I must tend to promptly.

Summer is coming soon, and with summer comes planting, weeding, and then enjoying our garden. It's going to be a lot of work, and I don't think I'll want to use my dirty fingers to be checking the Book for updates...

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