Monday, May 2, 2011

We Don't Have tv

I would just like to point out, for the record, that with no television we still heard about the death of Osama bin Laden in a timely manner. Yes, we heard the news for the first time this morning. Yes, we were asleep by 10:15 last night. Yes, we still hold firmly to the belief that we don't need television.

No TV? Wellllll, we have a television box. But no cable. And no converter box. It works great for watching movies! Which we enjoy every Friday night, along with some pizza and popcorn. 

This is a shocking thing to most of our peers. Frankly, it’s an expense we are not willing to have right now. We  will sit down and watch movies together, but neither of us have a “show” that we have to tune in for every week. I hear my co-workers talking at lunch about The Bachelor or The Apprentice. I have nothing to contribute. And surprisingly I am all right with this. In high school I had a favorite show or two for every night of the week. My schedule was the TV guide. Now in our first year of marriage, it doesn’t have the appeal it once did.

We woke up this morning and had breakfast together, and didn't turn to media until we had parted for the day. Mister heard the news from the radio. I saw it on the Book. (Note: I am on the Book less since giving it up for lent... I really really am) I like that we are don't depend on television to relax our minds after work. We arrive home, we run, eat dinner together, and talk. We read - he reads the paper and I read my Real Simple  magazine. We may watch a movie and cuddle. We try to be in bed by ten. He has to be up at six for work and running makes us both tired.

I wonder if we would be so together if we had TV. And even with all this together time, we can’t wait for the weekend when we can spend MORE time together. We read emails together. We plan our budget together. We talk about how we want to decorate our house. Would we talk so much if we had television? What if I don’t want to find out? It would be an interesting experiment to have television for a time and see how our lives change. Would I become addicted to a stupid sitcom? Would he spend hours watching reruns of Family Guy? Would our television time be separate or would we watch together? 

I think we have a good thing right now. Someday, we may fit TV into our budget. I’ll savor the present. Our life without TV. Our first year together. Documented by trails carved in ice by our skates and mud on our running shoes, and not sedentary lives seated on the sofa. And we still heard the same news that everyone else did, maybe just a few hours later than most, but we both felt rested when we got up this morning. :)

We know exactly what we are missing out on, and I think it’s the best decision we have made.

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