Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear Graduate

Dear Graduate,

Welcome to this summer. It's your last summer to be a child. So go ahead and let it out, be a bit reckless, make a few mistakes. In a few short months, you will transition into an-almost-adult lifestyle. More will be expected of you in each day going forward. You will never be able to return to the carefree life you live now.

Savor this summer. And the next three summers. After that, you won't know what summer is. Summer will just be a hot day when you're dressed in a professional costume sitting in an air-conditioned office while you hear the shouts of youth from the streets.

Dear Graduate, I'm so jealous of you, running around in shorts and Old Navy flip-flops. It's not even worth it for me to buy Old Navy flip-flops - even on the days when they are on sale for one dollar - because the hours I will spend wearing them will be so very few. You probably think your life is so boring, but let me assure you, it's just beautiful.

Goodness. Getting old is tough.

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