Monday, June 13, 2011

Strawberry Delight

It's so nice to have a little strawberry patch. We are yielding more than we expected which is another fun surprise. I was able to make a fresh fruit pie - one of the Mister's faves. This photo is a "before" shot - before it went in the fridge for a while to cool and allow the jello to solidify around the berries.

This little fresh fruit pie reminds me of growing up and going berry picking with my mother. She loves fresh fruit and knows what a deal it is to go to a "U-Pick" type of place. We drove for hours in a stuffy van to random farms. I think the farm hands cringed when she opened the side of our 12 passenger van. My mother would always encourage us to bring a friend or two, she knew it was cheap labor. She would give them a small pint of whatever berries we picked to take home to their family. Due to the large number of youngsters we always received a lecture from farm hands about how one) we couldn't eat any berries until we had paid for them and two) how we shouldn't pick any berries that are not ripe yet. Last summer I went blueberry picking with my mother and sisters. We came away with close to 30 pounds of blueberries. My mother is serious about the "U-Picks."

I hated being outside in the heat with bugs buzzing around my head trying to attack me for stealing berries from them. I was embarrassed to have brought friends along for such an activity. What would they think of me and my family? Would they think we were too poor to buy berries at Giant Eagle?

Today I am grateful. My mother taught me how to be a master berry picker. Our blueberries are almost ready and I am hoping to arrange a mommy&me date. I may even give her two pints of berries!

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  1. Mom would love that! What a wonderful experience that we always took for granted. I have fond memories of berry-picking. =)