Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Year at Green Acres

It's a little crazy to realize but I've been living on Green Acres for almost a year now. This is my first summer with no air conditioning and I'm doing really well. I surprised myself with my own adaptability. I came up with a new summer hairstyle that doesn't involve my (very hot) straightening iron, I have gone for several swims in the muddy-ish pond, and worn tank-tops as if I were in high school (aka all the time). Needless to say, I'm feeling very proud of myself.

The garden is way more overwhelming than I anticipated. Actually, I don't know how I can even say that because really, I make the Mister do most things everything. We the Mister have been fighting with groundhogs over our sweet potato plants. He tries to stop them from making holes under the fence and eating up the plants while I stand on the sidelines and whimper about a fall harvest that will have store bought sweet potatoes for my sweet potato fries, souffle, and everything else I was going to make with my home grown sweet potatoes. I am really good at picking the berries. Maybe that is the only thing I am really good at so far. In fact I was doing that earlier this evening and feeling very proud of myself. Such a treat to have fresh blueberries and raspberries and save money in my food budget by growing them at home!

As for renovations - there has definitely been a halt in progress. The garden and yard upkeep is so time consuming... but I have been working on my ideas! I bought foam and fabric to make a cushion for a built-in bench by the fireplace. I guess the bench is actually for storing wood but when we start making fires in that fireplace I'll just move my cushion. So far in one year we have not used that fireplace at all. When you have three you can be kinda choosy so I am choosing to make that the decorative fireplace. I also spray-painted a mirror black and Mister hung it up for me in our front hall. The little touches do make a big difference. I am working on acquiring more to hang up on the walls because I think that will really help. For my birthday I am wishing for many gallery frames to fill up my upstairs hallway with family photos and such. I think it will look really great when I get it together but even still I am feeling very very very proud of myself. 

It's been a great first year :-)