Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First-World Problems

We spent last week wandering. 

Aimlessly wandering.

And wondering. 

Wondering what we did without our iMac.

Let me take you back to the fall of 2009. Newly engaged and excited for what was to come, we received an early Christmas present – an iMac. We picked out the size we wanted at Best Buy and loaded up the box in the backseat. The Mister strapped it in with the seat belt and I laughed "it’s our baby! Our baby iMac." 

So you see this iMac is really our first child. 

And on Sunday October 9, we spent the entire day hiking the metropark trails and enjoying the sunshine. We arrived home that evening and our baby iMac wouldn’t turn on. Mister wrapped up our baby in a blanket for it’s extended stay at the Apple store. It didn’t help that our troubles were the same week as Apple’s software update and iPhone 4s release. Needless to say, our baby iMac was not Apple’s first priority. 

Oh and the comments! Don’t you have an external hardrive? Yes. And didn’t your iMac come with Time Machine? Yes. Then why didn’t you… We know! We know we should have backed everything up!

We waited, we paced, we didn’t know how to spend our evenings. What if everything was gone? We didn’t know how much money we could spend because we couldn’t look at our budget spreadsheet. I cried over pictures from our honeymoon in the mountains, our trip to beautiful Michigan, and our many MANY pictures of our garden – flowers, potato planting, strawberries changing colors. They could all be gone.

On Saturday the 15 we got the call and raced to the Apple store to pick up our baby. And our hardrive, which is now separate from our baby. So now we face the question: how much will we spend before we accept that our first year of marriage has been erased forever?

We know our problems are so first-world. We have our wedding and engagement photographs (thank you wonderful photographers for giving us a disc!!). We’ve re-created our iTunes library. We have our home.  We have each other. We’re doing ok, really.

But for goodness sakes people… be sure to back your stuff up!

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