Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Season

Today was a perfect fall day. 
All the rain that has been pouring down for the past week has clogged my mind with misconceptions about this season.
It is a lovely time of year.
The sun is shining and the leaves are changing colors.
The girls walk around in boots and scarves (the latter being my favorite accessory of all time).
I don’t sweat very much when I run.
The Mister made me a mug of hot chocolate when I came in from a rainy run last week.
The fall hiking spree has begun and the Mister and I have enjoyed two walks through some splendid Midwestern scenery.
Soups are on the stove again – I am excited to make broccoli&cheese and wild rice&chicken.
A fire in our wood burning stove makes a comforting crackling sound. 
Kids are back in school.
I wish I was back in school. I love the first day of class and the first day of mid-terms and the first day of finals.
I fell in love in the fall – in fact, truth: I fell in love every fall for four years in a row.

There is a promise of new in the fall air – new semester, new classes (when I was younger) new focus, new commitments (now). I'm hoping for more things new.

This is a picture of my most favorite of fall days – spending time in an enchanted yellow forest and falling in love for the last time.

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