Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trick or Treat

I never celebrated Halloween. I never went Trick or Treating, never made a costume, never had any Halloween decor lying about the house. My mother was not a fan of this holiday. And by not a fan, I mean that we would high-tail it out of our neighborhood every Halloween evening before the costumed children came begging and return after they had gone to bed. Now, to be fair, my parents did dress my brother as a pumpkin when he was very small but he didn't make it long into the night before being a tired little whiner and my father ate most of the candy. After that experience, my mother stuck to her convictions and created a Halloween tradition for our family: a night of family bonding.

For many, many, many years we went to Marc's Fun Time Pizza Plaza, a predecessor to Chuckie Cheese's. And we had a blast, playing games and earning tickets and cashing them in at the end of the night for twisty straws and bouncy balls. We moved on to bowling with another family who didn't celebrate Halloween. We felt like we were almost-normal since we had met someone like us who did not Trick or Treat. Plus, their mother always gave each of us a gigantic bag of candy since she was not opposed to that part of the holiday. 

Last year was my first without the family bonding evening. I bought candy and was anxiously awaiting the time when I could open my door, admire the costumes and hand out yummy candy. We had six little Trick or Treaters come by. And I didn't see a single one. Mister was working in the yard that evening and brought the candy bowl outside with him. He saw every single costume. All six of them. 

We don't have sidewalks in our neighborhood, and the majority age group around these streets is 65+. There are not a lot of children, (obviously, with only six little ones running around on Halloween night!) and there is not a safe place for them to walk. I am not sure exactly what we will do when we have little ones. I know I will want to dress them as little ladybugs and pea-pods but oh what to do about this no sidewalk issue!! My parents still live in the neighborhood where I grew up, overpopulated with children at all times and sidewalks all over the place and neighbors ready to hand you your own bag of Snickers because they are so very generous. Solution: we will take our family and Trick or Treat in my parent's neighborhood. My mother cannot know about this. I will bribe my father to keep the secret with candy. This is a perfect plan.

Until then, please come by Trick or Treaters! I bought some candy and I have a pretty carved pumpkin to greet you!

Also, I have to add that this was the first pumpkin I ever carved and I am very proud of myself.

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