Tuesday, November 8, 2011

City Dreaming

I tell the Mister that I wish I had lived in the city. Just for a short while. I follow city dweller blogs and crave their apartments high in the sky, their elevator rides, their grocery store trips by foot. Let's not even start on their glamorous wardrobes. I think it would be an exciting lifestyle. So many people around. So many restaurant options. So much noise.

When I spent a few nights in New York City I loved the sound of the streets below me. It was New Years, December to January, and I slept with a window open so that I could hear the sirens, the car horns, and the movement.

I am grateful. There are lovely things about suburbs too. Shopping is easier with a car than just my hands holding bags laden with groceries. The air is cleaner. There are more parks and trails for running. Children can play in the neighborhood streets fairly safely, which is wonderful for bike riding and large chalk murals.

But I am also grateful that our home is close to the highway. Because in the winter, when the trees drop their leaves, I can hear city. I hear the motorcycles, I hear the trucks, the sirens, the car horns, and all that movement.

And I couldn't think of a sweeter sound to be the soundtrack of my dreams.

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