Thursday, November 17, 2011

My ABCs of Thankful

(Because I am way too focused on the December holiday and need to slow down and appreciate this one first)

A - Apple trees in my yard
B - "Bird by Bird" by Anne Lamott, encouraging me to write very bad first drafts everyday
C - Cards in my mailbox
D - Doggies and Down comforters (file under: things to snuggle with)
E - Etsy
F - Family and Friends
G - Green Acres, my home :)
H - Harvest time
I - Ice skating season ~ soon!
J - Jewelry: a new found appreciation
K - Kitchen victories
L - Leaves in reds and yellows on the running trail
M - Menchies, the new frozen yogurt place
N - Nephew :)
O - Opportunities for new adventures
P - Peaceful Pond
Q - Quiet times
R - Running and the ability to run
S - Starbucks (in red cups! - oh shoot! Must focus on current holiday!)
T - Teachers
U - User friendly websites (it was either that or underwear..)
V - Vacations
W - Weekends
X - Xtra scoops of cheesy potatoes
Y - YouVersion - a saving face app :)
Z - Zumba! I am liking this dance class

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