Thursday, December 1, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Last year was our first Christmas together. We didn't have a lot of decor and we didn't have a large budget for decor... but we really wanted a tree. Aloud, we said we would wait until after Christmas and pick out a tree on sale. We walked around Home Depot one night, found a beautiful 7.5 ft tree with LED white lights. We agreed it was perfect. We were excited that our tree desires were the same. We said to each other that we would return after Christmas day, when the tree would be marked down in price.

Our unspoken desires were also the same, but we didn't know it at the time: it really wouldn't feel like Christmas without a tree. 

We only had a few holiday gatherings planned at our own home. Everyone knew we were newlyweds. We didn't really need a tree. Still, that childlike spirit that comes around each Christmas was revealing itself in both of us: we really wanted a tree for Christmas. 

On the outside, we proceeded with our plan. I found some ornaments in the Target $1 section, "for next year," and Mister continued to price out trees, "for after Christmas." 

Thanksgiving arrived, along with the numerous advertisements. Grandpa directed us to the front page of the Home Depot ad - "7 ft tree with LED white lights: $49.99." It was not quite like the tree we had our eye on, but a solid substitution.

Still, we were not black Friday shoppers. Mister decided that IF he woke up on his own without an alarm clock being set for so early THEN he would perhaps go out and purchase this tree on sale for such a fabulous price. We went to sleep with visions of turkey, turkey-trot run, and our (maybe) tree.

Mister woke up at 5:13am.

He left our house.

He went to Home Depot, picked up the tree, paid for it at self-check-out with a gift card we had received from our wedding (read: free tree!!!!)

He crawled back in bed next to me at 5:37am.

Around 9am, we awoke joyously and ran downstairs to look at the tree box. We set up the tree. We gathered ornaments we had collected for years and put them on our tree. Many of these ornaments had never seen a tree before, though they had been owned for years. These were ornaments I was told to save, "for when you have your own tree someday." 

And my, it is lovely to have my own tree. Mister and I stood back to admire our tree, surprisingly we had a good distribution of ornaments, evenly spaced, plenty of color. Further confirmation that we were made for each other, and that this tree was made for us.  

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