Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summertime is for...

getting up with the sun.

When I was younger I routinely woke up at sunrise. I loved getting a jump start on the day and diving into a great book or meeting my mom for breakfast while everyone else slept. My bedroom at the time was pale yellow, my bedspread a pale blue... a perfectly cheery combination that added to my overall happiness those summer mornings.

I stopped doing this naturally just a few years later and slept well into the morning or depended on an alarm clock to rise and begin the day. As a working adult, I savor weekend sleep. Usually I can only sleep in one day of the weekend, the other is devoted to a long run before it gets too hot.

But this past weekend - a miraculous thing happened: I woke up with the sun both Saturday and Sunday morning. My days off! With no alarm! And I felt rested!

It was glorious. I caught up on some email that I had neglected during the week. I read my book. I ate breakfast before my run. It was lovely. And I was glad to learn it is still possible for me to rise early enough to know when night becomes day and bask in the beauty of that moment.

Today I am thankful for warm and bright mornings that come so often with this summer season.

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