Friday, July 27, 2012


It is weird to grow up and experience grown-up birthdays. My birthday is July 28. I never thought of it as the end of summer. My parents always delayed my birthday party until mid-August, when they could have a joint party and include my brother. My parents always delayed our summer vacation until the very beginning of September, so that we could avoid crowds at popular destinations.

It's strange to hear people talking about summer as almost over, and school right around the corner, when my birthday is tomorrow. No way. My birthday is tomorrow. We are still in the middle of summer. 

This chalk message was drawn for me on my very first grown-up birthday, the summer after I graduated high school. I had to work on my birthday, my first job, my first responsibility. I was terribly upset about it. Also, my father was away. But really, he was away for every birthday, so I shouldn't have allowed that to bother me another year. It was not his fault. My birthday is always the last week of July, and his summer camp is always the last week of July. So really, it's not his fault. I was the one who was born ten days late, if we're keeping score. 


On this first grown-up birthday, my best friend Lana came over while I was working and enlisted my sisters to create a spectacular chalk message with her to welcome me home. Inside, they had balloons and gifts waiting. It was so much fun and a total surprise! They made my first grown-up birthday not so bad after all. 

This week, I have celebrated my birthday on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday. And my birthday is Saturday. These grown-up birthdays, they really aren't so bad. As you age, your circles grow and expand and you are celebrated even more!

At least that is how it is for me. May your birthday always bring you childish joy, love and smiles, and a slice of cake.

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