Friday, July 20, 2012

Secrets to a Successful Marriage

We have attended two weddings this summer, we have two to go, and we will be unable to attend two. All the white dresses and first dances make me think of my own wedding day, almost two years ago now. My only regret, which I have just realized, is that I wish we had hired a videographer.

They might have captured some beautiful scenes for me to treasure, like this one:
Both sets of my grandparents taking to the dance floor and staying out there as the DJ eliminated other couples during the anniversary dance. "58 years!" I can hear my grandmother exclaiming into the microphone the DJ held out to her. "And what is the secret to your marriage?" he asked. And then, my poor memory can't remember if she said "I do the hula every morning!" or... "I hula hoop every morning!" 

Either way - I do remember that she laughed at her own joke, which made me laugh even more. And knowing her, it really could have been either one of those. If I had known she would be revealing such secrets, if I knew then what I know now, I would have been sure to have a video camera on hand...

I am sure in the moment I had decided any additional expense would just be too much, but I am glad that I was married first, so that I can tell my sisters that it must be in the budget. And if it can't be, I think I will pay for it myself. We can't let secrets like this fade away.

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