Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just Lunch

I walked out the door of my office today and stood by the curb as a familiar vehicle pulled up. I realized then, that it had been quite a while since I had been picked up like this... with doors being opened for me and such.

And you might think it was a special occasion, birthday, anniversary, or the like.

It certainly looked like a date. I was dressed somewhat-fancy, and he in jeans and a polo. Our standard date clothes.

But what it really was - the reason for this mid-day gathering, was just lunch. Chipotle lunch. Because he had the day off and I only work two miles from home, so why not?

We feasted and still had time left over, and found ourselves wandering in World Market for a while, sitting on furniture and picking up pitchers. Like we were engaged again and picking out things for our future home. Coincidentally the new layout of World Market looks as though it is set up for wedding registry purposes.

But we are married now and testing out things for our current home. The loveseat was the perfect size but the cushion didn't make the cut. The table was gorgeous but far too big for our space.

Then he drove me to my office and I let him in and showed him my office space, introduced him to a few co-workers. I was so proud to show him off - like he was new again, because to this crowd, he was new, a novelty, a novelty that belonged to me.

How fun, that something so simple, just lunch really, could be so romantic. And how exciting that it made me feel so young again, like we were new, just beginning. And how wonderful that it made me fall in love with my Mister all over again.

I love you Mister! I am glad you asked me to be your girl.

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