Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Love Story

Four years ago, our love story began...

12:41 PM me: I can watch Forrest Gump tonight
  if you're still free
 Mister: Hey
12:42 PM as a matter of fact, i am
  i meant to ask you twice today (since I have seen you that many times), but i forgot both times until after you left
12:45 PM i assume we will start the feature presentation after dinner...
 me: sure
  feature presentation eh?
  this had better be a good movie
 Mister: are you kidding?

It was a good movie, a spectacular presentation (the most beautiful bouquet I've ever received!) and was followed by the best DTR conversation I'd ever experienced.

Thank you Google Chat for making things happen.
Thank you family and friends for never introducing me to this classic film prior to this very specific Friday evening.
Thank you Mister for being brave even when I said I needed to think and pray about it.

I am a lucky girl.

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