Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Puppy Love

I am in love with this little lady. She is proving to be just the dog for us, and has been quite a little buddy for some in the yard chores like harvesting potatoes, planting fall bulbs and raking leaves. She loves to play in the leaves, snuggle in her blankets and play fetch - it is adorable! She knows how to sit and to lie down. Good start right?

A quick update on my fears/concerns/what if statements:

What if we are not able to train her properly? And she is not well behaved?

So far, she has been very easy to train and incredibly well behaved. She has visited two homes, the vet, and had her first college visit. At all places she is very well behaved. She is a little shy, which definitely helps her to not be too jumpy or sniffing about in all the wrong places.

What if she likes the Mister better than me?

She does like the Mister better. When it is just me and my girl at home, she is my constant shadow. But when that man is in the house, she could care less about where I am and what I'm doing, even when I'm holding a treat out to her.

I am learning to be ok with this. Trying to be ok with this.

What if she eats my shoes? I will be so mad...

So far she has not destroyed any shoes. She has tried to chew on some slippers but we have caught her before any damage was done.

What if she bites people?
No worries here. The only people she likes to bite are me and Mister, and honestly, mostly just me. Bite my hair, my clothes, bite at scarves and jewelry. So if I'm not looking quite as cute as normal, it's because I have to dress down in scrubby clothes so my pup doesn't destroy my nice things!

What if she isn't good with kids?

My nephew has been over several times and both of them are rather disinterested in each other. I am hoping this changes and they become best buds.

What if she grows up to be ugly?

So far - she's just super cute. I haven't been able to capture her sweet face when she's looking up at us. It's the cutest little expression. I hope to get a photo of it soon. And then frame it. And spend lots of money to get it on canvas and hang it prominently in our house. Yep. I am well on my way to becoming one of those dog ladies.

We love her.

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