Monday, October 22, 2012

Spending Time

As I continue to try and not have such a hateful attitude toward fall, I have discovered something. It really is beautiful to play in the leaves, to gaze at the color exploding from the trees, and I think that my attitude and disdain for change is deeper than just the time of year we are now experiencing.

For weeks I have thought it might be nice to spend more time in the Word. It might be nice to wake up early and read my Bible, journal a bit, enjoy some time being still before jumping in to the day. I know this is true. It was a thought that persisted and I felt myself sharing it week after week as we met with church friends.

But I never did it.

This was clearly pointed out one week, when someone said, "Rebecca, didn't you say that last week?" Yes, yes I did. And every week before it.

But I never did it.

I am busy - but, aren't we all busy? This excuse is stupid. And I know it. And I took last Tuesday evening to be in the Word. I locked Maggie in her cage. She could not distract. The Mister was not home. It was just me. Me and several studies to get through.

"Don't rush it." I told myself. "Spend time here."

And just like that, spending a bit of time reading and a bit of time praying and a bit of time journaling - and I felt so much better.

I don't think we should pursue Christ for the sake of finding happiness - but we definitely become happier, when we do take that time for Him. Joyful even.

What a relief for my tired and cranky soul.

Enjoying the yellow forest with Maggie on a lunch break walk.

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