Monday, January 28, 2013

Miss a Day, Miss a Lot

Ohio is a nice place to live because it truly teaches you to live in the moment.

For example.

We knew with colder temperatures last week that there was potential for our pond to freeze over. When my sister texted to ask about weekend visiting and also inquired about ice status, Mister needed no other prompt.

He shoveled. It snowed. He shoveled. It snowed. He shoveled. And for two days we (and 23 other friends and family plus two dogs) enjoyed ice skating right outside my front door.

Two beautiful afternoons.

And while I had ideas about shopping and crafting this weekend, I kind of had a feeling that this may be the last time I could skate for a while. (The last time we were able to skate on the pond was two years ago)

I think Maggie could sense this too. We had one other weekend this winter where we could skate but neither she nor I was very interested. But this time, she conquered her fears all by herself and was soon running (and sliding) circles around everyone. Smart puppy girl.

So. We enjoyed those moments. And good thing we did. It rained all day and everything melted. What a difference a day makes!

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